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Springs are a key component in every garage door system and are accountable for its raising and lowering function. They offset the weight of the door to allow it to function smoothly. These springs are also susceptible to damage and breakage. It is important to detect a broken spring in a garage door system and replace it in time to avoid potential damage to you or your property. USA Garage Doors Service has experts who can detect any flaws in your garage door springs and fix them by tightening, repairing, or replacing them.

USA Garage Doors Service Greenacres, FL 561-465-8272It takes a great deal of knowledge and expertise to detect spring-related issues and ascertain exactly what type of spring should be used on your garage door. There are many factors based on which your spring is selected, which includes the weight of the door, its size, the type of door, etc. If you accidently get a spring that is not fit to lift the appropriate load, you may end up seriously damaging your door. It is, therefore, essential to choose a professional garage door service firm that would always pick the right springs of appropriate quality and tensile strength.

USA Garage Doors Service has a team of specialists who have been restoring and replacing garage door springs for well over 10 years in Greenacres, FL area. We also act as advisors and can recommend the right door springs for you. All USA Garage Doors Service products are of prime quality and can last long periods of time. Based on your needs and budget, you can choose from these two types of springs:

Extension springs

These springs have an extensive load-bearing capacity and can offset the weight of your garage door to allow it to open and close easily. Based on the simple principle of expansion and contraction, extension springs remain in their default expanded position when the door is shut and contract when it’s raised. Due to the high amount of stress on these springs, they’re susceptible to breakage which can cause grave damage to your property. 

Even though extension springs cost less, they demand regular maintenance checks to ensure smooth operation. USA Garage Doors Service provides extension springs of top-quality and carry out routine maintenance checks to check their health.

Torsion springs

Torsion springs are modern counterparts of extension springs and are usually considered more safe and reliable. The strength of modern torsion springs lies in their mechanism. Torsion springs unwind when the door is lifted, transferring their energy onto the cables that are present on each end of a steel shaft. These cables then lift the door. The added advantage of this system is that the cables are able to hold up the door on their own even if the spring is broken.

Torsion springs are used extensively on most types of garage doors, ranging from heavy industrial garage doors comprising multiple springs to common single car residential garage doors comprising less than two springs. Despite their popularity, it takes only professionals to ascertain the type, number, and size of springs that should be used on your doors. Call USA Garage Doors Service and we will recommend and install good quality door springs.