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Has your garage door been troubling you of late? Have you been thinking of getting it repaired for some time now? It's a known fact that over time, garage doors can display signs of decay, rust, cracks or lack of spring elasticity which may deteriorate its condition quickly.  There are other factors that can also contribute to a garage door malfunction, including snapped cables, wrong force settings on openers, or a sudden release of broken spring. Don’t wait for these scenarios to turn into a grim reality, call USA Garage Doors Service, the best garage door service company in Greenacres, FL, for repairs and maintenance.

Our garage door professionals have been inspecting various types of garage doors for years and can detect any faults in your door system within minutes. From there on, they will guide you through the steps required to resolve your issue and draw up a cost estimate. Our efficient team can work on doors of all sizes and types and always provides quality and economical repairs.


A garage door is a complicated mechanical system which requires smooth functioning of all its integrated units. Even a single malfunctioning component can cause a major damage to your property or may even put your personal safety at risk. For this reason, it is recommended to have your garage doors routinely checked to rule out any discrepancies in the system or have them addressed immediately if found.

USA Garage Doors Service Greenacres, FL 561-465-8272When you hire USA Garage Doors Service for an inspection, our team will analyze every component, including the door hardware, the force settings on the opener, tension on spring, cable drums, etc and take a note of any signs of wear and tear to extrapolate upcoming adverse events. Our experts will then make recommendations so that you can make a prudent decision and allow them to carry out corrective measures such as component replacement, repairs, spring tension adjustment to increase the life of your garage door.

Damaged doors

Routine wear and tear takes its toll on the doors, damaging them and making them inoperable. Incidents such as accidental vehicle collision or attempts at a break-in may leave the door heavily damaged, leaving your property exposed to myriad risks. During such scenarios, it’s essential to get your garage doors repaired without losing any time, lest any unfortunate incident happens. Give USA Garage Doors Service a call and we will send our experts to attend to your doors in an instant.

No matter where you are in Greenacres, FL or at what time you call us, our 24/7 garage door service team will make sure that they reach your location on time to reinstate your garage door back to its former glory.

Off-track doors

Do you know the tell-tale signs of a garage door going off track? Cables or springs snapping or coming loose, changing weather conditions and temperature variations, obstruction while closing or impact due to heavy load are all factors that can result in your garage door leaving its track.

We can tell you for sure that an attempt to set your door back in its track may not lead fruitful results. On the contrary, it may worsen the situation. But why would you need to do that when we can set your doors back in their tracks at affordable prices? USA Garage Doors Service has a team of capable technicians that can work on all kinds of garage doors, including heavy-duty ones that weigh hundreds of pounds, and will set them back on track with the help of modern tools.

Call our skilled technicians today for any kind of garage door-related problems and bid goodbye to your worries.